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Nkhoma Hospital- Malawi
Afyapro team has deployed AFYAPRO package in Nkhoma hospital in Malawi. This project is under IICD. The introduction of the package from installation to implementation where by all the users of the package to be well trained and be able to use it to its maximum efficiency was done by our team of well organized staff members. Now we are in the process of building a strong support base of Afyapro in Malawi so that to be able to support Nkhoma and any other facility from the country that will be interested with the package, as for now the facility is supported by the staff members from Dar es Salaam and Mwanza.
We also deliver the update version and new development of the package to Nkhoma as they still send their new requirements for developments. As for now we have new requirements from the facility to develop HIV and PMTCT module and the project is still under way. People at Nkhoma are much interested with the package and they are seriously using it as it has solved most of the problems they faced during manual era.