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MWANZA hospitals- Tanzania
Afyapro team has worked with IICD (International Institute for Communication and Development) in collaboration with CSSC (Christian Social Services Commission) and City Medical Office (CMO) to introduce AFYAPRO package in Mwanza hospitals, health centers and dispensaries. We installed the package to the facilities, train the implementers and administrators and we are still supporting the facilities to date and as the development of the package is still on the way, we provide the facilities with any new update version of the package and also receiving their new requirements for the development as well. We have a very strong base of support in Mwanza with well motivated and self starter team members.
And the sites are actively using the package.
The following facilities were involved in this project;
Nyakato Health Centre (ELCT) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Nyakahoja Dispensary (RC) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Makongoro Health Centre (AICT) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Imani Dispensary (ELCT) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Bukumbi Hospital (RC) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Nyamagana District Hospital (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Nassa Dispensary Bulima (AICT) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Igoma Health Center (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Buzuruga Health Center (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Makongoro Health Center (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Sangabuye Health Center (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Karume Health Center (CMO) - Mwanza, Tanzania
Sumve Hospital DDH (RC) - Mwanza, Tanzania